How do I order on the website?

1. You will be asked to create a member login before ordering.
2. Select your meal plan: Bronze (5 Meals), Silver (10 Meals), Gold (15 Meals).
3. Choose between the Lean, Bulk, & Vegetarian Menus and select your quantities.
4. Select the days you would like your meals delivered, either Sunday, Wednesday, or both days!
(a). We have created this option to ensure your meals are freshest upon arrival.  All meals will be made the day before your selected delivery day!

How do I know which meals are good for lunch and/or dinner?

All three of the menus are suitable to be consumed at any time. We suggest if you are trying to lose weight, to avoid eating the bulk menu items before bed because of their high carbohydrate content, but they are perfect for consuming at or around lunch time.

Is my card information secure?

Yes, we have joined together with Wells Fargo and authorize.net to do our merchant services.

When do you deliver and what if I am not home during those times?

1. We deliver on Sunday and Wednesday (depending on when you decided to have your meals dropped off), between the times of 6pm and 10pm.
2. If you are not going to be home during these times, we asked that you have a container left at your door for us to keep your meals in.  We do not have the capabilities of keeping your meals fresh for too long after dropping them off, thus it is important to be home during those times and your pre-determined delivery days.
3. Your meals will be delivered in blue tote bags with the “A WINNer’s Meal” logo on them.  We ask that you keep these bags and exchange them with us when we deliver your next meal(s).  If not returned to us there will be a $5 bag fee added on to your account.

When do you change your menu?

We base our menu off of customer feedback and analytics.  We give each menu option about 4 weeks to determine its popularity amongst our customers.

Do you offer discounts?

1. We will have various discounts throughout the year, and we encourage you to add us on social media (found in contacts page), to stay updated on any discounts that may apply.
2. There is a $10 off referral discount given to customers who refer another person to order.  The person being referred will enter in the referring customers ID number during the checkout stage and a credit will be applied to the referring customers account.
3. Every customer will receive their login referral code during account creation.

What if I am allergic to certain foods?

If you have food allergies, please list them in the “Food Allergy” box upon checkout.  We will do our best to tailor your meal(s) to avoid any allergic reactions.