Terms & Conditions

Every week you will have up until 11:59PM on Wednesday night to select/cancel your order.

We have two delivery dates to maintain freshness in each of your WINNer’s  Meals.  The times of delivery will be between 6:30-10PM on Sunday & Wednesday Nights.  It is on YOU to make sure the meals are received at the specified address.  We have your contact information and will be informing you of when we are close.

The containers are yours once you receive yours meals.  You can simply recycle them or keep them for future use.

Disputes :
We are always open to hear feedback, comments, and/or concerns with our service.  Feel free to contact us on social media, or discuss with us any issues in our “feedback” tab.
Once you have established an account with A WINNer’s Meal, it is your responsibility to keep login information protected to prevent any unauthorized actions on your account.